Our story

Forever Mortal will shape your digital footprint to be remembered by loved ones. Your online presence will be celebrated by family, friends and future generations.

Remembering you and your legacy

Our mission at Forever Mortal is to help you lay down the foundation so your family members can continue to remember you and your legacy long after you have gone and future family generations who you will never meet in person can get to know you.

Reasons for Forever Mortal

Our team

At Forever Mortal, we are a team that are all driven by the belief that family stories should never be lost. They remind us of life’s special occasions and important experiences, embody our values, illustrate important lessons learned, provide a glimpse into the lives we live, and become a significant part of our legacy.

We believe when properly organised, preserved, and shared with others, we believe that these stories are extremely valuable and have a positive impact on the family today and future generations.

However the task of organising and curating memories in a single place is often overwhelming, especially when there’s no guarantee that your hard work will be protected and saved over the long-term.

That’s why we are building Forever Mortal, and is made up of like minded people to offer an everlasting memory back up service and provide a permanent place for families to preserve and share their stories, values, and traditions, and pass those memories down to future generations.